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Tear-Down Services Available For Outdoor Structures

Having an old shed that is falling into disrepair on your property is both unsightly and a safety hazard. Why run the risk of injury or property damage when you can simply remove the unwanted structure before it collapses.

All Seasons Junk Removal in Center Point, Iowa, offers light demolition services that can remove any small outdoor structure quickly and efficiently and properly dispose of the debris.


• Tear Up Old Concrete
• Remove Rickety Sheds

• Get Rid Of Small Garages
• Demolish Above-Ground Pools
• Haul Off Unused Playsets
• And More!
We pride ourselves on providing quality light demolition services that will ensure any unwanted outdoor structure you have on your property will be properly demolished and the resulting mess removed as if it were never there.


Don’t let any eyesore on your property remain for longer than needed. Our tear-down experts will work to safely remove your unwanted structure without any issues. Call us today at (319) 504-5882 to schedule a free consultation.


“Very fast, easy to work with, and did a great job. My husband and I have been cleaning a family member’s house out for sale and we were dreading doing the basement and upstairs that both have terrible old stairs. It took the guys less than 4 hours. Completely worth the price and I would definitely use them again.”

Kate M

“The guys were very professional, friendly and fast! I had years of stuff in my basement and they got to the job. Untold trips up and down the steps they made quick work of the job. Not every company will haul your stuff out of the basement. Very happily with them.”

Sue Thompson

“I was busy tearing out a wall in my basement and wondering what to do with the debris when I saw this add. Texted a few questions and they were able to get me on the schedule quickly. Very prompt, professional, and picked up everything outside, in garage and basement I had asked him to do. I highly recommend this company if you want a dependable removal service..”

Mary Spangler

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